Social Media Makes It Harder to Move On When Relationships End

by Erik Sass
Whether you are dumped or the dumper, most people will readily agree that it’s difficult to move on from a failed relationship. It turns out we may be making it even harder on ourselves with social media, which has a way of constantly shoving painful reminders in your face in the form of photos, messages and the like. And for those inclined to wallow — and I think we’ve all probably been there at one time or another — social media is a virtual treasure trove of mementos suitable for morose, unshowered contemplation. …Read the whole story
by Sarah Mahoney
In a move designed to make the retail world sit up and take notice, Target is inviting shoppers to come to Cartwheel, a partnership with Facebook that it hopes will finally find a way to effectively combine retail, mobile and social media. The site is now in beta, and the Minneapolis-based chain says it will roll out shortly, “starting with a select group of REDcard holders.” …Read the whole story
Home Depot is ramping up spending on mobile video, increasing its investment fourfold from last year as well as expanding advertising to digital audio sites such as Pandora. About a third of Home Depot’s traffic last year came through mobile; the company is making an effort to place an equal emphasis on both the mobile Web and apps. …Read the whole story
by Wayne Friedman
Which media does better with social media? Seems everyone can claim some victory — with TV believing it grabs more benefits. Local broadcast TV viewers are 85% more likely to post photos and videos than users of all media — this is compared to radio, newspapers, broadcast and cable television. …Read the whole story
A Web user has sued Facebook for allegedly sending her an SMS message suggesting that she send “friend” requests to other users. An Illinois resident claims the social network violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by sending her cell phone an unwanted ad. …Read the whole story

Mobile Marketing Daily: Flipboard Readers Now Editors; Facebook Enhances App Ads

by Steve Smith
Flipboard issued its 2.0 version release yesterday with an eye toward empowering users as editors. With the new release, the app is now engaging users more directly in the process of making new content. With the touch of a button, the reader can now tag specific articles and build magazines that can be made public for others to see or kept private for their own later use. …Read the whole story
Facebook on Wednesday rolled out enhanced targeting features for its mobile app install ads that allow developers to reach specific versions of Android and iOS, as well as devices with WiFi-only connections. …Read the whole story
by Gavin O’Malley
Twitter is estimated to increase ad spending this year and next — taking in $582.8 million in global ad revenue this year and nearly $1 billion next year. Twitter is benefiting from the “native” nature of its mobile ad products, integrating its mobile ads with its core user experience. …Read the whole story
by Laurie Sullivan
Covario released findings Wednesday showing that its clients — the majority related to electronics and retail — spent 33% more on paid-search campaigns in Q1 2013 compared with the year-ago quarter. The Americas, driven by the U.S. and Canada, saw spending rise 29% year-on-year. …Read the whole story
In a preliminary victory for Google, a federal judge on Tuesday dismissed a host of privacy-related claims by a group of Android users who allege that the company wrongly transmitted their geolocation data and other personal information to app developers. …Read the whole story
by Mark Walsh
Mobile marketing firm Velti on Wednesday announced the launch of a new mobile ad network called Velti Media as it seeks to expand its revenue base and build its U.S. market presence. The new third-party ad network is meant to build off those businesses while adding an additional revenue stream for Velti. …Read the whole story


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Can You See Me Now? Companies Ranking Highest In Search Visibility

by Laurie Sullivan
Amazon, Zappos and Best Buy Web sites have become the most visible retailers in paid-search campaigns and the most likely to be seen in organic search results, according to a recent study. takes the top position for paid search overall. …Read the whole story
by Laurie Sullivan
Real-time marketing techniques have begun to mature, enabling big brands to take bigger risks. A Taco Bell sponsored concert at the South by Southwest (SXSW) annual music conference became part of the brand’s Feed the Beat program, a project that financially supports emerging artists with Taco Bell gift cards and opportunities to become featured in the brand’s advertisements. …Read the whole story
by Mark Walsh
Microsoft has released a new study focused on why people are using multiple devices and what motivates simultaneous or sequential use across screens. Partnering with Flamingo Research and Ipsos OTX, the company surveyed some 3,000 people in five markets — Australia, Brazil, Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. …Read the whole story
by Wendy Davis
The self-regulatory group Digital Advertising Alliance is poised to release new mobile privacy standards. The standards, which could be unveiled as soon as next week, are expected to be consistent with the DAA’s long-standing guidelines requiring members to notify consumers about online behavioral targeting, but updated with new mobile-specific rules, including targeting ads based on information collected across apps, and giving consumers the ability to opt out. …Read the whole story
by Joe Mandese
As part of a reorganization of its executive team, rich online media advertising developer Undertone has tapped the top product and strategy executive from over-the-top TV platform Rovi as its first COO. As head of operations, the new executive, Corey Ferengul, will oversee Undertone’s product, ops and marketing functions at a time when the lines between traditional TV advertising and online media are blurring more than ever before. …Read the whole story
by Laurie Sullivan
Data and analytics engine eXelate will announce Thursday that Khurrum Malik, former comScore vice president of marketing, has joined the company as CMO, responsible for global strategies. …Read the whole story
by Gavin O’Malley
“Plurals” — or those born since 1997 — are highly optimistic, but have been profoundly impacted by recent economic uncertainties. Highly demanding, Plurals expect brand to bend to their wishes, entertain them to no end, and meet the highest ethical and performance standards. …Read the whole story
by Mark Walsh
Annual digital marketing budgets, on average, amounted to 2.5% of a company’s revenue in 2012 and will grow 9% this year. The majority of companies spend between 10% and 50% of their marketing budget on digital efforts, with an average of 25%. …Read the whole story
by Aaron Baar
Google, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook and eBay dominate the top 10 list of companies deemed by U.S. consumers to be most influential, based on surveys that rate companies according to several different categories. …Read the whole story


Online Media Daily

by Joe Mandese
In what is likely the most accurate accounting ever of the U.S. media-buying marketplace, a new, more realistic and somewhat surprising picture of ad spending is beginning to emerge. The data, the first ever to be released publicly from a system that taps directly into the data processing systems of Madison Avenue‘s major agency holding companies, is shedding light on real market behavior, including a dramatic slowdown in the expansion of online’s premium display advertising marketplace, and a corresponding upsurge in so-called “secondary” display media-buying channels such as ad networks and exchanges. …Read the whole story >>
by Laurie Sullivan
Facebook’s heavy-footed entrance into the advertising space after agreeing to acquire Atlas from Microsoft has caused confusion about its intentions and future in ad serving. But Microsoft’s focus remains on a mix of search and display ads to support brands. …Read the whole story >>
Two pay-per-click marketers have asked a federal appellate court to allow them to proceed with a class-action lawsuit against the social networking service. The companies claim Facebook violated its contract with pay-per-click marketers by charging them for invalid clicks. …Read the whole story >>
Independent app developers have a harder time breaking through because of the proliferation of device types that require deep pockets to support widely. This fragmentation has made it harder for smaller developers to compete. …Read the whole story >>
by Mark Walsh
Facebook is continuing to add small- and medium-sized businesses at a strong clip this year. The social network now has a total of 15 million Pages run by businesses and brands globally, up from 13 million at the end of 2012. Local businesses are playing a key part in Pages growth. …Read the whole story >>
by Gavin O’Malley
Forget influencers, social sharers, or brand obsessives. News organizations desperate to court online readers should focus their energies on “reward-seekers.” …Read the whole story >>
by Wayne Friedman
Looking to finally broaden the way advertisers get TV viewer guarantees, three Disney-ABC networks have adopted a new system. It uses Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings and traditional C3 rating measurement, delivering a single audience guarantee across TV, computers, tablets, or phones. …Read the whole story >>