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by Erik Sass
Whether you are dumped or the dumper, most people will readily agree that it’s difficult to move on from a failed relationship. It turns out we may be making it even harder on ourselves with social media, which has a way of constantly shoving painful reminders in your face in the form of photos, messages and the like. And for those inclined to wallow — and I think we’ve all probably been there at one time or another — social media is a virtual treasure trove of mementos suitable for morose, unshowered contemplation. …Read the whole story
by Sarah Mahoney
In a move designed to make the retail world sit up and take notice, Target is inviting shoppers to come to Cartwheel, a partnership with Facebook that it hopes will finally find a way to effectively combine retail, mobile and social media. The site is now in beta, and the Minneapolis-based chain says it will roll out shortly, “starting with a select group of REDcard holders.” …Read the whole story
Home Depot is ramping up spending on mobile video, increasing its investment fourfold from last year as well as expanding advertising to digital audio sites such as Pandora. About a third of Home Depot’s traffic last year came through mobile; the company is making an effort to place an equal emphasis on both the mobile Web and apps. …Read the whole story
by Wayne Friedman
Which media does better with social media? Seems everyone can claim some victory — with TV believing it grabs more benefits. Local broadcast TV viewers are 85% more likely to post photos and videos than users of all media — this is compared to radio, newspapers, broadcast and cable television. …Read the whole story
A Web user has sued Facebook for allegedly sending her an SMS message suggesting that she send “friend” requests to other users. An Illinois resident claims the social network violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by sending her cell phone an unwanted ad. …Read the whole story

by Erik Sass
Facebook‘s massive popularity is due at least in part to its psychological impact on users, including beneficial effects like bolstering feelings of confidence and self-worth, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Wisconsin and Cornell University. …Read the whole story


by Karlene Lukovitz
Bizzie Gold is the founder of BUTI Fitness – routines that combine yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics. The BUTI workout videos created for Good Earth incorporate new moves named for the new flavors, Cocoa Tango and Sweetly Twisted. …Read the whole story


Around the Net
by Laurie Sullivan
I’m beginning to wonder whether Google’s idea to integrate social signals into search query rankings will backfire. Search term analysis has always allowed brands to better understand the topics with greatest interest to site … …More
by Dale Cooke
In the pharmaceutical industry, we have become accustomed to a discussion about adopting “risky” communications channels such as social media. These discussions overlook one thing: There are no risky media. …More
by Laurie Sullivan
Sometimes trends don’t ultimately amount to much, but keeping one eye on the future helps marketers support paid-search campaigns and optimization strategies on engines and Web sites. A list published Monday provides insight into some … …More
by Ryan DeShazer
You can call it business diversification. You can call it being prudent. Whatever you call it, Facebook’s announced acquisition of the Atlas digital advertising platform last week marked a very peculiar day in the history … …More
Are teens spending less time on Facebook? Likely. Ultimately, the problem with being the latest shiny toy in techland is that eventually a shinier toy comes along. That, in a nutshell, is the dark cloud looming … …More
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by Erik Sass
The Oscars were big on social media, but not as big as the Super Bowl, according to Twitter, which released figures comparing the two televised mega-events: the movie awards broadcast garnered a total of 8.98 million tweets over the course of the evening, including both the endless, mindless “red carpet” portion of the evening and the awards themselves. That compares to a total of 24 million tweets for the Super Bowl. …Read the whole story


by Laurie Sullivan
The social landscape will become “radically” different within two years as a result of consolidation and new entrants in the market. Acquisitions will help companies like Adobe, Lithium Technologies and Salesforce acquire the missing pieces that link the social supply chain. …Read the whole story
by Karlene Lukovitz
The new, integrated brand advertising campaign, from new AOR Skiver Advertising, is themed “Step Into Awesome.” It seeks to showcase recent innovations such as expanded menu choices and the remodeled restaurants’ “more contemporary, comfortable” surroundings. …Read the whole story


Around the Net


A study by Vocus and Edge Research ranks advertising channels by effectiveness, based on survey responses from over 600 marketing decision-makers at small and medium-sized businesses. The SMBs ranked TV Advertising, Events and Trade Shows, and Radio Advertising as being the most effective marketing channel. Email was near the bottom of the list, below SEO, Online Display Ads and Social Media, but above Direct Mail and Print Mail.  …Read the whole story
Email-focused market research company The Relevancy Group has hired Chris Marriott as its new VP of Services and Principal Consultant. Marriott was formerly the Vice President of Agency Services at StrongMail and held a similar position at Acxiom. The Relevancy Group’s CEO and Co-Founder David Daniels cited Marriott’s background in both the agency and marketer communities as useful in “implementing efforts to integrate e-mail with other digital channels.” …Read the whole story
All Spammed Up
The trillion spam messages worldwide currently sent every month began with a message sent by an enterprising computer salesperson to 600 users of the original ARPANET system. DEC marketing executive Gary Thuerk used ARPANET to let all its users know about a new operating system available from DEC that would support ARPANET, and used an (all caps) email message to invite users to demo events the company was hosting in California.  …Read the whole story
Courier Journal
A military voting bill in Kentucky was passed unanimously by the state’s Senate Committee on Veterans, but only after a provision allowing servicemen and women to vote via email was stripped. Proponents of the measure point out that only 80% of military absentee ballots were counted due to mailed-in ballots arriving too late or being lost altogether. Opponents of the measure said that internet and email voting were only left in the bill because of a drafting error.  …Read the whole story

by Tyler Loechner
Twitter this week announced its Twitter Ads API, which opens the door for advertising to expand on the social media site. In addition, Twitter hopes the Ads API will push their annual revenue from 9 figures to 10, according to Brian Wieser, CFA, senior research analyst, Pivotal Research Group. Everything on Twitter happens in real-time, but marketers have been unable to take full advantage of the millions of “Tweeters” quite yet. The lack of an API has not been solely responsible for this, but Wieser believes Twitter will now be able to offer similar ad campaign management to Facebook, which … …Read the whole story
by Tyler Loechner
Martini Media has promoted Thomas O’Regan to president and CRO as the company continues its shift from premium to programmatic. Martini Media saw rapid growth in 2012, and O’Regan’s promotion is meant to foster further growth in 2013 in the RTB space. “Tom will play an integral role in our dynamic growth phase as we move from premium sales to more programmatic revenue,” stated Skip Brand, founder and CEO of Martini Media. …Read the whole story
Since formally launching in September, Facebook Exchange, the real-time bidding platform has attracted 1,300 advertisers and is now processing over 1 billion impressions per day. …Read the whole story
by Joe Mandese
Paul Danckaert has joined Washington, DC-based agencyQ as CTO. He was CTO and principal analyst at IR Technologies. …Read the whole story