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Digital Media, Technology Spend To Hit $1 Trillion This Year


by Mark Walsh
Consumer spending on digital media content and technology is expected to grow 12% to $1 trillion this year. Driving that growth is the widespread adoption of smartphones and broadband Internet, as well as a growing middle class in emerging markets like Brazil, India and China. …Read the whole story >>
by Laurie Sullivan
Turner Broadcasting System became the latest Adobe Primetime customer Tuesday, furthering its adoption of video technology to power new TNT and TBS apps and Web sites. The deal gives television viewers more content from AdultSwim, Cartoon Network, truTV, and NBA League Pass in the near future. …Read the whole story >>
by Mark Walsh
Brand marketing budgets in mobile have grown 142% in the last two years, according to a new study releasedTuesday by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Three-quarters (74%) of respondents expect their mobile advertising spend will grow in the next two years — a percentage that is similar to 2011. …Read the whole story >>
by Laurie Sullivan
AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo want the industry to adopt programmatic premium ad buying, so the trio will create a common set of application programming interface (API) specs that automates the ad-buying process for online ads. The move aims to automate systems that make premium ad inventory more accessible. …Read the whole story >>
by Mark Walsh
With location-based technology playing a growing role in mobile marketing, the Mobile Marketing Association on Wednesday released a new guide outlining the technologies, metrics, and strategies being used in the location space. The document, introduced at the MMA’s annual SM2 conference in New York, is divided into three sections. …Read the whole story >>
by Gavin O’Malley
Magna Consortium charter members say getting brands onboard remains difficult. There also remains a widely held fear that automation equates to lower-quality inventory. Magna’s initiative is to utilize data and technology to automate the media-buying process for Interpublic and its brand clients. …Read the whole story >>
by Laurie Sullivan
Digital advertising will account for 22.7% of all worldwide ad investments this year, or about $117.60 billion — up 13% compared with 2012, according to estimates from eMarketer and Starcom MediaVest Group. In 2014, digital ads will account for 24.4% of all global ad dollars spent. …Read the whole story >>
by Wendy Davis
PointRoll has promised to shed cookies it collected from Safari users in order to settle allegations that it circumvented their privacy settings, according to court papers. PointRoll will issue a public mea culpa stating that its Safari data-collection was “not consistent with best industry practices.” …Read the whole story >>
by Staff Report
OMMA’s first-ever all-female jury women took the stage Monday night to present the 8th Annual OMMA Awards in New York City. In another first, each of the jurors co-presented with young female proteges, including new industry pros and recent college graduates looking to enter the advertising industry. …Read the whole story >>




New York, NY, September 13, 2013—The Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Campaign is proud to announce its 2013 global Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and beyond. The 2013 theme, “Let’s Defeat Breast Cancer. We’re Stronger Together.”, is a call-to-action that will serve to shift public focus from awareness to increased action, advancing us further towards eradicating breast cancer from our lives. To date, The BCA Campaign has raised more than $48 million to support global research, education and medical services. This year’s BCA Campaign is committed to raising $5 million to support breast cancer research, education and medical services worldwide. Action doesn’t happen alone. When we join together…We’re Stronger Together.

Over the past two decades, The Estée Lauder Companies’ BCA Campaign, launched by the late Evelyn H. Lauder, co-creator of the Pink Ribbon and founder of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF), has been a leading voice for breast cancer awareness around the world, sparking a global movement that has helped save millions of lives. In the spirit of Mrs. Lauder’s forward- thinking vision, this year’s BCA Campaign will expand focus from breast cancer awareness by encouraging people to reach even further, taking specific actions aimed at preventing and eradicating the disease. The Campaign and its supporting initiatives will galvanize the global masses to defeat breast cancer by lessening the stigma and deepening awareness across the globe, while raising significant funds for critical medical research.

William P. Lauder, Executive Chairman of The Estée Lauder Companies stated, “Over the past twenty years, The BCA Campaign has made significant progress in bringing awareness to breast cancer and the fear that once surrounded the disease is being replaced by hope and inspiration. This year, we feel it is vitally important that we encourage people to move beyond awareness by taking actions that we know can help save lives. My mother, Evelyn H. Lauder, believed that no one can defeat breast cancer alone – this spirit of unity is at the heart of our Campaign as we bring people together across the globe to defeat this disease.”

Fabrizio Freda, President and CEO of The Estée Lauder Companies said, “Every year around the world, our employees, consumers and retail partners come together with great enthusiasm and passion to participate in The BCA Campaign. Our vision for this year’s Campaign was inspired by that same passion and its potential to affect real change in the lives of real people and families who are touched by this disease. To date, The BCA Campaign has raised $48 million to support research, education and medical services worldwide. Our goal is to have this year’s Campaign resonate in every corner of the world, raise significant funds, empower people to share their strength and bring us closer than ever before to a world without breast cancer.”

VideoDaily: Samsung, Nokia Commercials Get Shared Online More than Apple iPhone Blurbs. And That Means?

by P.J. Bednarski
If I bought the items in every commercial friends shared with me, I’d have several sports cars, many cases of Dos Equis and a washer-dryer that could be used by smart polar bears. But I don’t. Now, however Unruly Media has released data that shows commercials for Samsung and Nokia phones are shared far more than commercials for Apple’s iPhone.Does that mean anything? Unruly thinks so. …Read the whole story


by Tyler Loechner
IHS, a research partner of IAB Europe, conducted a study commissioned by SpotXchange and concluded that the European programmatic video market will grow an average of 77.1% per year through 2017. The report expects the market to reach EUR626.5 million ($822 mil.) in the five biggest European markets: The UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. IHS forecasts that by 2017, one-third of all European online video advertising revenue will be generated via programmatic sales. In 2012, 4.6% of the online video ad revenue came from programmatic sales. …Read the whole story
by Tyler Loechner
When it comes to mobile video ads being consumed during primetime, the tablet beats the phone. Over 25% of a day’s total video ad views on tablets occur between 8 p.m. and midnight. The data comes from a new TubeMogul report, which looks at pre-roll mobile video ads bought programmatically during the second quarter of 2013. From about 6 p.m. until midnight, users are more engaged with their tablets than their smartphones, according to one of TubeMogul’s charts (seen below). Android tablets are used more between about 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., while iPad … …Read the whole story
by Tyler Loechner
The August 2013 M&A and Investment Summary from Petsky Prunier revealed Marketing Technology as the most active segment in terms of transactions. It was also the segment with the highest reported value of transactions. Marketing Technology companies accounted for 77 of the 384 deals announced in August for a reported value of $1.4 billion. Additionally, Marketing Technology led in VC/Growth Capital Investors. Of 195 VC/Growth Capital Investor deals announced in August, 49 of them were in Marketing Technology, totaling a reported $458 million. …Read the whole story
by Wayne Friedman
What retail and other locations TV viewers actually go to shop — by network, by TV show? Fox viewers, for example, were 10% more likely to visit a movie theater than the average U.S. consumer. ABC viewers were next, 8% better, followed by CBS, 6% and NBC 3%. …Read the whole story
by Karl Greenberg
Tide is bringing the Marcus and Carmen characters from the popular 2013 Super Bowl “Miracle Stain” spot to tonight’s NFL Kickoff game pitting the Ravens against the Broncos. …Read the whole story


Around the Net
The Guardian
The Guardian today posted an article exploring how “bogus inventory,” user experience, and programmatic trading are impacting online video advertising, using the AOL/Adapt.tv deal as an example. The issue of inventory quality has already been raised, but the article points out that “programmatic trading looks to be the future, not just for online video but for most media. Eventually, most of what we watch will be delivered via the internet, so it’s conceivable that online video tech outfits like Adapt.tv will one day be facilitating trading for TV,” the article says. …Read the whole story
Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad launched on the tablet yesterday (2 September), allowing digital subscribers to read a tablet-optimised version of its print edition. The national tabloid already has around 15,000 readers of the desktop PDF version of the newspaper, according to digital manager Patrick Salin, but the tablet version is intended to imitate the physical newspaper as closely as possible. …Read the whole story
Web Pro News
Bing this week is rolling a new video search feature, include navigational improvements, video overlays, pop-out previews, bigger thumbnails and new filters. “With the video overlay, users can move to different videos from the carousel at the bottom of the light box,” WebProNews writes. “There’s also a related searches list on the right … The source and number of views are displayed under the videos.” …Read the whole story


Fashion Week Gets Tech Makeover: Models to Carry Moto X on Runway

Motorola Sponsors Four Designers at Made Fashion Week
By: John McDermott Published: September 05, 2013

Motorola captured the advertising and technology industries’ collective attentions in early August when it decided to market Moto X, its new flagship smartphone, as more a fashion accessory than high-end smartphone. Moto X will turn heads again later this week, albeit literally this time. Moto X will be a prominent fixture at Made Fashion Week in New York this year, with some models carrying the customizable mobile device down runways.

Moto X will be sponsoring Made Fashion Week designers Hood by Air, Telfar, En Noir and Rochambeau, and at least one of those designers will be incorporating Moto Xs into the show, according to executives familiar with the Motorola’s plans. All four of the Motorola-sponsored designers will be presenting their spring wares on Sunday.

This isn’t the first time technology walks the runway at Fashion Week festivities. In 2008, HP teamed up with designer Vivienne Tam to unveil a “digital clutch.” It’s not even the first huge fashion get for Motorola owner Google, which had its Google Glass product featured prominently in the September issue of Vogue this year. (It’s unclear at this time if any Fashion Week designers will be featuring Google Glass on the runway.)

Fashion plates.
Motorola declined to comment for this story.

Having Moto X featured so prominently at Fashion Week plays into Motorola’s emphasis on how fashionable Moto X is relative to the otherwise dull, colorless smartphone landscape. Unlike competitors Apple, HTC and Samsung which sell white or black phones, Moto X’s customizable design allows for thousands of unique color combinations, Motorola has said.

Motorola will also have Moto X kiosks installed at Fashion Week parties. Just like the device’s design — which consumers can customize at the Moto X Motomaker site — the installations at Fashion Week change colors from person to person. Using a technology Motorola calls “Color Thief,” the large displays are able to recognize what colors a person is wearing and subsequently show her a Moto X design best-suited for her outfit. These interactive ads will eventually be found at bus stops and in malls.

Brian Wallace, Motorola’s VP-global brand and product marketing, has expressed a desire to get involved with Fashion Week since before Moto X was even formally launched. In an earlier interview, he envisioned customers putting as much thought into designing their Moto Xs as they do their outfits.

Moto X launched to a deluge of press coverage, both positive and negative, as consumers and reporters alike were eager to see the first Motorola phone developed under Google’s ownership. While the tech press was intrigued by the phone’s customizable design, Motorola was skewered for using double entendres to market the phone.

One @Motorola tweet from the Aug. 1, Moto X unveil that has since been deleted said, “Yep. We’ve got wood,” a reference to the phone’s wooden back options.

While models show off their bamboo-backed Moto Xs at Made Fashion Week, Motorola competitor Samsung will meanwhile be sponsoring Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which will be also held in New York from Sept. 5 to 12. Samsung will have a lounge promoting its Galaxy line of smartphones installed at Lincoln Center.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics presents the “Bobbi & Katie” Collection

image003Bobbi Brown and Katie Holmes joined forces to create the ultimate must-have makeup lineup for today’s modern woman. Form meets function in the creative duo’s new palette for eyes, cheeks and lips. Combined with a brush set and cosmetic case which fits perfectly in your purse, it’s everything you need for beauty-on-the go.

“Making it easy to look great. You can grab this palette and go without worrying that you’re missing or forgetting something… That’s what inspired Katie and me to create this collection,” Bobbi explained.

The limited-edition “Bobbi & Katie” Palette was inspired by one of Holmes’s favorite journals.

This cloth bound 10-well palette opens to reveal an interior mirror and houses eight Eye Shadows, two Pot Rouges and a Mini Eye Pencil. Genius! The shades – which range from nude to pink to brown – are said to complement all skin tones and work equally well for day to evening looks.
The “Bobbi & Katie Mini Brush Set” (also a limited edition) is designed for women on-the-go and on-the-plane. The space-saving, multi-tasking bag contains four mini brushes (face blender, eye shadow, eye sweep and smoky eye liner) in one zipped pocket. The Bobbi & Katie Palette can also be stored in a separate pocket within the Brush set bag to create the complete perfect portable package.
Once again: Genius!

Email Marketing Daily: Banning Email in the Workplace Won’t Last: Gartner

Downtown Miami, Florida
Downtown Miami, Florida

Banning Email in the Workplace Won’t Last: Gartner

Information Age
Banning email in the workplace has been a provocative idea among executives who say that the employees at their companies waste too much time responding to emails. The availability of enterprise level social sharing tools and the deluge of email has prompted “no email” policies at some businesses. But this idea is just a fad that will be short-lived, according to Gartner’s latest Hype Cycle for social software report. Gartner analyst Jeffrey Mann writes in the report, “Although the concept of no-email is provocative and attractive on many levels, a narrow focus on eliminating the use of this one … …Read the whole story

New York Times Shutdown Stemmed From Phishing Email

Los Angeles Times
NYTimes.com was temporarily shut down on Tuesday after hackers gained access to the user name and password of one of the company’s sales partners and then used the credentials to manipulate internal data that directs the news site to load. The hackers gained the login information from a phishing email sent to Melbourne IT employees, a NY Times partner, that were duped into sharing. …Read the whole story

Pinterest Patches Email Security Design Flaw

Digital scrapbooking site Pinterest has patched up a hole in its design code that, if left open, would have exposed the names and email addresses of the social networks’ more than 70 million users. security Researcher Dan Melamed pointed out that the back end flaw could have allowed a hacker to set up a bot which could have pulled the site’s list of email addresses which could become the victims of malicious emails. …Read the whole story

Silverpop Releases Tool For Web Targeting Based on Email Data

Email marketing services provider Silverpop has released a new tool that helps marketers create personalized email campaigns. It’s called Smart Content and it allows marketers to use email profile data to create a more personalized experience when a customer visits a company’s site. When a customer visits the site, the website identifies who they are and uses this data to populate the page. …Read the whole story

Globalscape Expands Email Platform Letting Clients Send Big Files

San Antonio Business Journal
Texas-based software security firm Globalscape has upgraded its Mail Express email platform allowing users to send unlimited sized files on demand using Microsoft Outlook or a web browser. The enhancement is supposed to help users avoid having to use workarounds when sharing large files which could risk the privacy of enterprise business data. “When the typical user tries to send large files via the approved means and encounters errors, they often revert to workarounds that are fraught with security and privacy issues that ultimately put the business at risk,” Doug Conyers Sr., VP of engineering at Globalscape, told San Antonio … …Read the whole story



Around the Net in Brand Marketing: Google Patents Pay-Per-Peek


Google Patents Pay-Per-Peek
Marketing Week
Google got a patent on its “gaze” tracking technique last week. It is to be used with a head-mounted device – such as Google Glass – which then communicates to a server, allowing Google to create “pay-per-gaze” that would register whether the person has looked at an ad. It would then charge the brand, like a “cost-per-click.” The patent application, which was filed back in 2011 but only recently awarded, according to Phys.org, also says the technology could infer “emotional state information” by measuring a user’s pupil dilation. – Read the whole story…
The Ram Rumble Bee
Detroit Bureau
With a shift knob that contains a bumblebee encased in amber, Ram’s new Rumble Bee concept truck seems to be gunning for Ford’s new performance pickup, the Tremor. The Rumble Bee can sting, with a 395-horsepower Hemi V-8. And it could suggest Ram is ready to revive the performance truck it offered as part of a limited run in 2003 – the original Rumble Bee itself paying tribute to the classic Dodge Super Bee muscle car Chrysler produced from 1968 to 1971. – Read the whole story…
Boston Terriers Are The New It Dog

If every dog has its day, it seems to be the Boston terrier’s turn. The black-and-white pooches, who had a star turn in the early aughts, are back, starring in the Doritos spot “Transformation Machine,” an Infiniti commercial and MasterCard’s “Lost Dog” campaign. – Read the whole story…
LinkedIn Going To College
LinkedIn is launching a new section of its social network Monday: University Pages targets younger users who want to connect with colleges. The company has dropped its minimum age to 14 in the U.S., a move that will allow prospective students to see how many of a school’s graduates are on LinkedIn, as well as a breakdown of the main fields in which they work. Pages also list the top employers of alumni. – Read the whole story…
Diesel Finds Campaign Models On Tumblr
Women’s Wear Daily
For its fall campaign, Diesel found its models via Tumblr and word of mouth, choosing 20 (abundantly androgynous) artsy folk, mostly from New York. The group sports lots of ink, colored (or shaved) hair, and are wearing the brand’s denim and leather apparel. Ads are appearing in the September issue of Vogue, and in other magazines in October. – Read the whole story…
Consumers Crave High-Tech Pet Products
San Francisco Chronicle
Technology is beginning to play a big role in the way pet owners care for their pets. Among the new offerings in the $50 billion annual market: San Francisco’s own Whistle raised $6 million in June for its $100 Fitbit-like activity tracker device for canines, which monitors dogs’ sleep and exercise patterns; Rover.com, an online alternative to traditional dog boarding; and Halo Belt, a company that makes illuminated pet collars, launched via Kickstarter. – Read the whole story…
What Detroit Doesn’t Get about Tesla
Huffington Post
While GM is studying the threat and opportunity Tesla represents for the car industry, all carmakers should be. Tesla’s $15 billion-plus market cap demonstrates that investors are betting Tesla’ can take a significant share of the broader car market. Among the lessons car-markers could learn: An electric car is both an object of desire and a modern appliance. – Read the whole story…
Harley-Davidson Rolls Out Sleek, High-Tech Rides
Brand Channel
Harley-Davidson is going down a different road with the debut of its Project Rushmore motorcycle lineup-a more sleek, trendy and tech-savvy rendition of the venerable brand. The new line of bikes and trikes include liquid-cooled engines, touchscreen electronics, and a comfier passenger seat. Rushmore is the largest new model launch in Harley’s 110-year history. – Read the whole story…
Bogusky’s Next Target: Corporate Outsourcing
USA Today
Ad whiz Alex Bogusky, who has already made the soft drink industry mad with anti-obesity efforts, is taking the wraps off a “Made in America” video that he hopes will go viral, and in the process, create 1 million jobs. The premise of the Made Movement is simple: He wants people to buy just 5% more things made in America. And in a twist, patriotism isn’t as much the motive as environmentalism: Red, white and blue is the new green. – Read the whole story…
How Zara Blooms–Without Ads
Advertising Age
The recent death of founder Rosalia Mera is focusing attention on the powerful Zara brand, which has used a quick, copycat approach to be the world leader in fast fashion. With 1,800 stores, Zara has grown with little to no advertising. It hardly even has a marketing department. – Read the whole story…

Rich Chocolate Eye Palette


Reminiscent of your favorite decadent chocolate bar, this
fall’s must-have palette offers a range of beautiful brown
tones in an array of textures and finishes – from matte to
soft shimmer to sparkle. These shadows are designed to
be worn alone or layered for a smoldering look. Plus, the
palette includes a Dual Ended Eye Shadow, Eye Liner Brush
and mirror for easy, on-the-go application.
Bone Eye Shadow, Cocoa Eye Shadow, Stone Eye
Shadow, Frappe Eye Shadow, Champagne Truffle Shimmer
Wash Eye Shadow, Caramel Sparkle Eye Shadow, Rich
Chocolate Eye Shadow
SRP: $52
Limited Edition