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Social Media Graphic Packages

Social Media is an extension of your “Brand” and having professionally designed Social Media profiles is as important as the design of your website.   The Smiley Stone E. G   provides   comprehensive graphics package for Twitter, Facebook, Google+,  Linkedin, YouTube and other social networks.

Please contact us today to discuss your needs on how we can help you stay connected.

photodune-1463311-big-sale-sign-lChoose one of three social media graphic packages to fit your budget:

Two-Pack: Attractive branding across two sites of your choice – we recommend starting with Facebook and Twitter, just $350 for a limited time only .

Four-Pack: Double the reach of a Two Pack and attract customers from Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter, just $650 for a limited time only.

Six-Pack: Pull out all the stops and get more business with your brand on Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, just $950 for a limited time only .

Before we can get started, we require some additional information about you, your business, what you’re after, and in which areas we can help. Please provide as much detail as possible, and we will get back to you with a quote!

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