Email Marketing Daily: Microsoft Makes it Easy for Gmail Users to Switch to

Outlook_SISU Refresh_Mobile Device_SISU_JPEG_ENUS_475x340Microsoft Makes it Easy for Gmail Users to Switch to
The Verge
Microsoft created a tool that lets users to import Gmail messages,in a move to steal some of Google’s business. The addition of IMAP support for allows consumers to easily switch from Gmail to Outlook without losing their past emails and contacts. Now users can import their entire emails accounts, including labels and structures, into …Read the whole story
Yahoo Mail has been down for the last day or so, according to reports. According to Twitter users and tips to TechCrunch, the consumer email service has been serving consumers with “scheduled maintenance” messages when they go to log in. Yesterday, Yahoo’s Customer Care Twitter account confirmed the partial outage saying that it should be fixed, but there are still issues. Yahoo advises users to try their email on a smartphone or tablet which aren’t experiencing the issues. …Read the whole story
PC World
Disqus, the commenting platform used by many media outlets, has come into the spotlight after a group of journalists broke into its platform to expose the offensive comments of politicians and other public figures for on right-wing websites. The Swedish newspaper Expressen in conjunction with an investigative journalism group allegedly revealed the identity of hundreds of people who left these comments through their email addresses. Disqus says that their site had not been breached, but blamed the journalists for abusing a feature it used for a third-party service. …Read the whole story
The National Technical Assistance Centre (NTAC), a division of GCHQ in the UK, has forced secure email company PrivateSky to shut down its service. The government agency wanted access to user data and the threatened the company with jail time if they did not comply. So they shut down the service and it is now only available for the company internally. …Read the whole story


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