Digital Media, Technology Spend To Hit $1 Trillion This Year


by Mark Walsh
Consumer spending on digital media content and technology is expected to grow 12% to $1 trillion this year. Driving that growth is the widespread adoption of smartphones and broadband Internet, as well as a growing middle class in emerging markets like Brazil, India and China. …Read the whole story >>
by Laurie Sullivan
Turner Broadcasting System became the latest Adobe Primetime customer Tuesday, furthering its adoption of video technology to power new TNT and TBS apps and Web sites. The deal gives television viewers more content from AdultSwim, Cartoon Network, truTV, and NBA League Pass in the near future. …Read the whole story >>
by Mark Walsh
Brand marketing budgets in mobile have grown 142% in the last two years, according to a new study releasedTuesday by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Three-quarters (74%) of respondents expect their mobile advertising spend will grow in the next two years — a percentage that is similar to 2011. …Read the whole story >>
by Laurie Sullivan
AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo want the industry to adopt programmatic premium ad buying, so the trio will create a common set of application programming interface (API) specs that automates the ad-buying process for online ads. The move aims to automate systems that make premium ad inventory more accessible. …Read the whole story >>
by Mark Walsh
With location-based technology playing a growing role in mobile marketing, the Mobile Marketing Association on Wednesday released a new guide outlining the technologies, metrics, and strategies being used in the location space. The document, introduced at the MMA’s annual SM2 conference in New York, is divided into three sections. …Read the whole story >>
by Gavin O’Malley
Magna Consortium charter members say getting brands onboard remains difficult. There also remains a widely held fear that automation equates to lower-quality inventory. Magna’s initiative is to utilize data and technology to automate the media-buying process for Interpublic and its brand clients. …Read the whole story >>
by Laurie Sullivan
Digital advertising will account for 22.7% of all worldwide ad investments this year, or about $117.60 billion — up 13% compared with 2012, according to estimates from eMarketer and Starcom MediaVest Group. In 2014, digital ads will account for 24.4% of all global ad dollars spent. …Read the whole story >>
by Wendy Davis
PointRoll has promised to shed cookies it collected from Safari users in order to settle allegations that it circumvented their privacy settings, according to court papers. PointRoll will issue a public mea culpa stating that its Safari data-collection was “not consistent with best industry practices.” …Read the whole story >>
by Staff Report
OMMA’s first-ever all-female jury women took the stage Monday night to present the 8th Annual OMMA Awards in New York City. In another first, each of the jurors co-presented with young female proteges, including new industry pros and recent college graduates looking to enter the advertising industry. …Read the whole story >>


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