VideoDaily: Samsung, Nokia Commercials Get Shared Online More than Apple iPhone Blurbs. And That Means?

by P.J. Bednarski
If I bought the items in every commercial friends shared with me, I’d have several sports cars, many cases of Dos Equis and a washer-dryer that could be used by smart polar bears. But I don’t. Now, however Unruly Media has released data that shows commercials for Samsung and Nokia phones are shared far more than commercials for Apple’s iPhone.Does that mean anything? Unruly thinks so. …Read the whole story


by Tyler Loechner
IHS, a research partner of IAB Europe, conducted a study commissioned by SpotXchange and concluded that the European programmatic video market will grow an average of 77.1% per year through 2017. The report expects the market to reach EUR626.5 million ($822 mil.) in the five biggest European markets: The UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. IHS forecasts that by 2017, one-third of all European online video advertising revenue will be generated via programmatic sales. In 2012, 4.6% of the online video ad revenue came from programmatic sales. …Read the whole story
by Tyler Loechner
When it comes to mobile video ads being consumed during primetime, the tablet beats the phone. Over 25% of a day’s total video ad views on tablets occur between 8 p.m. and midnight. The data comes from a new TubeMogul report, which looks at pre-roll mobile video ads bought programmatically during the second quarter of 2013. From about 6 p.m. until midnight, users are more engaged with their tablets than their smartphones, according to one of TubeMogul’s charts (seen below). Android tablets are used more between about 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., while iPad … …Read the whole story
by Tyler Loechner
The August 2013 M&A and Investment Summary from Petsky Prunier revealed Marketing Technology as the most active segment in terms of transactions. It was also the segment with the highest reported value of transactions. Marketing Technology companies accounted for 77 of the 384 deals announced in August for a reported value of $1.4 billion. Additionally, Marketing Technology led in VC/Growth Capital Investors. Of 195 VC/Growth Capital Investor deals announced in August, 49 of them were in Marketing Technology, totaling a reported $458 million. …Read the whole story
by Wayne Friedman
What retail and other locations TV viewers actually go to shop — by network, by TV show? Fox viewers, for example, were 10% more likely to visit a movie theater than the average U.S. consumer. ABC viewers were next, 8% better, followed by CBS, 6% and NBC 3%. …Read the whole story
by Karl Greenberg
Tide is bringing the Marcus and Carmen characters from the popular 2013 Super Bowl “Miracle Stain” spot to tonight’s NFL Kickoff game pitting the Ravens against the Broncos. …Read the whole story


Around the Net
The Guardian
The Guardian today posted an article exploring how “bogus inventory,” user experience, and programmatic trading are impacting online video advertising, using the AOL/ deal as an example. The issue of inventory quality has already been raised, but the article points out that “programmatic trading looks to be the future, not just for online video but for most media. Eventually, most of what we watch will be delivered via the internet, so it’s conceivable that online video tech outfits like will one day be facilitating trading for TV,” the article says. …Read the whole story
Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad launched on the tablet yesterday (2 September), allowing digital subscribers to read a tablet-optimised version of its print edition. The national tabloid already has around 15,000 readers of the desktop PDF version of the newspaper, according to digital manager Patrick Salin, but the tablet version is intended to imitate the physical newspaper as closely as possible. …Read the whole story
Web Pro News
Bing this week is rolling a new video search feature, include navigational improvements, video overlays, pop-out previews, bigger thumbnails and new filters. “With the video overlay, users can move to different videos from the carousel at the bottom of the light box,” WebProNews writes. “There’s also a related searches list on the right … The source and number of views are displayed under the videos.” …Read the whole story


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