Email Marketing Daily: Banning Email in the Workplace Won’t Last: Gartner

Downtown Miami, Florida
Downtown Miami, Florida

Banning Email in the Workplace Won’t Last: Gartner

Information Age
Banning email in the workplace has been a provocative idea among executives who say that the employees at their companies waste too much time responding to emails. The availability of enterprise level social sharing tools and the deluge of email has prompted “no email” policies at some businesses. But this idea is just a fad that will be short-lived, according to Gartner’s latest Hype Cycle for social software report. Gartner analyst Jeffrey Mann writes in the report, “Although the concept of no-email is provocative and attractive on many levels, a narrow focus on eliminating the use of this one … …Read the whole story

New York Times Shutdown Stemmed From Phishing Email

Los Angeles Times was temporarily shut down on Tuesday after hackers gained access to the user name and password of one of the company’s sales partners and then used the credentials to manipulate internal data that directs the news site to load. The hackers gained the login information from a phishing email sent to Melbourne IT employees, a NY Times partner, that were duped into sharing. …Read the whole story

Pinterest Patches Email Security Design Flaw

Digital scrapbooking site Pinterest has patched up a hole in its design code that, if left open, would have exposed the names and email addresses of the social networks’ more than 70 million users. security Researcher Dan Melamed pointed out that the back end flaw could have allowed a hacker to set up a bot which could have pulled the site’s list of email addresses which could become the victims of malicious emails. …Read the whole story

Silverpop Releases Tool For Web Targeting Based on Email Data

Email marketing services provider Silverpop has released a new tool that helps marketers create personalized email campaigns. It’s called Smart Content and it allows marketers to use email profile data to create a more personalized experience when a customer visits a company’s site. When a customer visits the site, the website identifies who they are and uses this data to populate the page. …Read the whole story

Globalscape Expands Email Platform Letting Clients Send Big Files

San Antonio Business Journal
Texas-based software security firm Globalscape has upgraded its Mail Express email platform allowing users to send unlimited sized files on demand using Microsoft Outlook or a web browser. The enhancement is supposed to help users avoid having to use workarounds when sharing large files which could risk the privacy of enterprise business data. “When the typical user tries to send large files via the approved means and encounters errors, they often revert to workarounds that are fraught with security and privacy issues that ultimately put the business at risk,” Doug Conyers Sr., VP of engineering at Globalscape, told San Antonio … …Read the whole story



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