Around the Net in Brand Marketing: Google Patents Pay-Per-Peek


Google Patents Pay-Per-Peek
Marketing Week
Google got a patent on its “gaze” tracking technique last week. It is to be used with a head-mounted device – such as Google Glass – which then communicates to a server, allowing Google to create “pay-per-gaze” that would register whether the person has looked at an ad. It would then charge the brand, like a “cost-per-click.” The patent application, which was filed back in 2011 but only recently awarded, according to, also says the technology could infer “emotional state information” by measuring a user’s pupil dilation. – Read the whole story…
The Ram Rumble Bee
Detroit Bureau
With a shift knob that contains a bumblebee encased in amber, Ram’s new Rumble Bee concept truck seems to be gunning for Ford’s new performance pickup, the Tremor. The Rumble Bee can sting, with a 395-horsepower Hemi V-8. And it could suggest Ram is ready to revive the performance truck it offered as part of a limited run in 2003 – the original Rumble Bee itself paying tribute to the classic Dodge Super Bee muscle car Chrysler produced from 1968 to 1971. – Read the whole story…
Boston Terriers Are The New It Dog

If every dog has its day, it seems to be the Boston terrier’s turn. The black-and-white pooches, who had a star turn in the early aughts, are back, starring in the Doritos spot “Transformation Machine,” an Infiniti commercial and MasterCard’s “Lost Dog” campaign. – Read the whole story…
LinkedIn Going To College
LinkedIn is launching a new section of its social network Monday: University Pages targets younger users who want to connect with colleges. The company has dropped its minimum age to 14 in the U.S., a move that will allow prospective students to see how many of a school’s graduates are on LinkedIn, as well as a breakdown of the main fields in which they work. Pages also list the top employers of alumni. – Read the whole story…
Diesel Finds Campaign Models On Tumblr
Women’s Wear Daily
For its fall campaign, Diesel found its models via Tumblr and word of mouth, choosing 20 (abundantly androgynous) artsy folk, mostly from New York. The group sports lots of ink, colored (or shaved) hair, and are wearing the brand’s denim and leather apparel. Ads are appearing in the September issue of Vogue, and in other magazines in October. – Read the whole story…
Consumers Crave High-Tech Pet Products
San Francisco Chronicle
Technology is beginning to play a big role in the way pet owners care for their pets. Among the new offerings in the $50 billion annual market: San Francisco’s own Whistle raised $6 million in June for its $100 Fitbit-like activity tracker device for canines, which monitors dogs’ sleep and exercise patterns;, an online alternative to traditional dog boarding; and Halo Belt, a company that makes illuminated pet collars, launched via Kickstarter. – Read the whole story…
What Detroit Doesn’t Get about Tesla
Huffington Post
While GM is studying the threat and opportunity Tesla represents for the car industry, all carmakers should be. Tesla’s $15 billion-plus market cap demonstrates that investors are betting Tesla’ can take a significant share of the broader car market. Among the lessons car-markers could learn: An electric car is both an object of desire and a modern appliance. – Read the whole story…
Harley-Davidson Rolls Out Sleek, High-Tech Rides
Brand Channel
Harley-Davidson is going down a different road with the debut of its Project Rushmore motorcycle lineup-a more sleek, trendy and tech-savvy rendition of the venerable brand. The new line of bikes and trikes include liquid-cooled engines, touchscreen electronics, and a comfier passenger seat. Rushmore is the largest new model launch in Harley’s 110-year history. – Read the whole story…
Bogusky’s Next Target: Corporate Outsourcing
USA Today
Ad whiz Alex Bogusky, who has already made the soft drink industry mad with anti-obesity efforts, is taking the wraps off a “Made in America” video that he hopes will go viral, and in the process, create 1 million jobs. The premise of the Made Movement is simple: He wants people to buy just 5% more things made in America. And in a twist, patriotism isn’t as much the motive as environmentalism: Red, white and blue is the new green. – Read the whole story…
How Zara Blooms–Without Ads
Advertising Age
The recent death of founder Rosalia Mera is focusing attention on the powerful Zara brand, which has used a quick, copycat approach to be the world leader in fast fashion. With 1,800 stores, Zara has grown with little to no advertising. It hardly even has a marketing department. – Read the whole story…

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