SocialMediaMarketingDaily: Hooray! Facebook Is Back Where It Started

by Erik Sass
This week brought what might be termed “sorta good news”: GDP grew faster than expected in the second quarter, albeit at a still fairly pathetic pace, and Facebook’s stock price has finally returned to around $38 ($37.43 at the time of writing) — right back where it started with the social network’s IPO in May 2012. Yay? …Read the whole story


by Mark Walsh
Video ads are coming to Facebook. The social network plans to ask up to $2.5 million a spot for a daylong run of TV-style ads that play automatically in users’ news feeds. Nielsen findings show Facebook has reach comparable to or higher than that of the four TV broadcast networks during the day. …Read the whole story
by Sarah Mahoney
As seismic healthcare and demographic changes swirl through the U.S., drug retailers are looking to get a bigger share of spending, with both RiteAid and Walgreens announcing major marketing initiatives. …Read the whole story
by Karlene Lukovitz
Arby’s recently ran one of its largest social media/mobile-based games initiatives to date — with exceptional results, according to the brand and its platform partner for the initiative, MediaBrix. …Read the whole story
by Laurie Sullivan
Fresh off the management-led buyout from Dentsu, IgnitionOne appoints John Ragals Global COO to leverage his expertise in agency relationships and technology strategies. Most recently chief of network development for Dentsu Network, Ragal was formerly 360i COO. …Read the whole story
by Laurie Sullivan
Attempting to solve one of marketing’s biggest dilemmas, Datorama closed a $3 million Series A funding round it will use to build out its cross-channel marketing platform. …Read the whole story
by Gavin O’Malley
While the enthusiasm for “Shark Week” now borders on farce, there is nothing silly about the ad frenzy surrounding Discovery’s annual event. Celebrating its 26th anniversary, this year, Discovery is planning to refresh its week-long homage to shark shock with a big social media push. …Read the whole story
by Laurie Sullivan
Some 71% of marketers said data integration delivers more relevant messages to segmented audiences, 68% attribute a rise in clicks and traffic, and 63% cite more efficient media buying and planning. Quantifying the value of the data remains the biggest challenge for marketers. …Read the whole story


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