Industry is Expanding In Advertising, Social.


by Sarah Mahoney
Retailers are planning to spend big on more stores, digital technology and marketing initiatives in the year ahead, according to a new report from KPMG. And for many, the impact of social media on their business has increased sharply. …Read the whole story
Thrifty Car Rental has apologized for sending a free one-day car rental to its entire list of customers. The company had meant to send the email to members of Thrifty’s Blue Chip frequent-renter program who had completed 16 days of paid rentals. The company will not honor the offer for anyone else. “We’re very sorry for any confusion our eagerness may have caused,” the company told customers by email. …Read the whole story
There are lots of email inbox organizing tools available for iOS users, but Dispatch is different. The app is integrated with other popular apps so that users can send notes from their email organizer to Evernote or OmniFocus to help manage their notes and to-do lists. The address also lets users send addresses and dates to other apps. In addition, Dispatch users can save links to Pocket or Instapaper without leaving the app. …Read the whole story
President Barack Obama defended the National Security Agency‘s PRISM program to PBS’ Charlie Rose, calling the program “transparent.” Buzzfeed published a transcript of the interview, in which the president says, “…if you’re a U.S. person, then NSA is not listening to your phone calls and it’s not targeting your emails unless it’s getting an individualized court order. That’s the existing rule.” …Read the whole story


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