Social Media Makes It Harder to Move On When Relationships End

by Erik Sass
Whether you are dumped or the dumper, most people will readily agree that it’s difficult to move on from a failed relationship. It turns out we may be making it even harder on ourselves with social media, which has a way of constantly shoving painful reminders in your face in the form of photos, messages and the like. And for those inclined to wallow — and I think we’ve all probably been there at one time or another — social media is a virtual treasure trove of mementos suitable for morose, unshowered contemplation. …Read the whole story
by Sarah Mahoney
In a move designed to make the retail world sit up and take notice, Target is inviting shoppers to come to Cartwheel, a partnership with Facebook that it hopes will finally find a way to effectively combine retail, mobile and social media. The site is now in beta, and the Minneapolis-based chain says it will roll out shortly, “starting with a select group of REDcard holders.” …Read the whole story
Home Depot is ramping up spending on mobile video, increasing its investment fourfold from last year as well as expanding advertising to digital audio sites such as Pandora. About a third of Home Depot’s traffic last year came through mobile; the company is making an effort to place an equal emphasis on both the mobile Web and apps. …Read the whole story
by Wayne Friedman
Which media does better with social media? Seems everyone can claim some victory — with TV believing it grabs more benefits. Local broadcast TV viewers are 85% more likely to post photos and videos than users of all media — this is compared to radio, newspapers, broadcast and cable television. …Read the whole story
A Web user has sued Facebook for allegedly sending her an SMS message suggesting that she send “friend” requests to other users. An Illinois resident claims the social network violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by sending her cell phone an unwanted ad. …Read the whole story

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