VideoDaily: For Online Video Shares , Unruly Says, Those First Dates Are Important


by Laurie Sullivan
What if an automated system on a brand’s Web site noticed visitors had poor video playback when renting a movie and automatically generated an apology letter — which in turn triggered a refund for the rental? Amazon does it. …Read the whole story
by Mark Walsh
Digital disruption of the media landscape will continue to drive M&A, partnerships and joint ventures this year. The communications industry will see continued consolidation this year as a result of growing demand for bandwidth supporting content consumption, social networking and location-based services. …Read the whole story
by Karlene Lukovitz
William Levy, a star among Spanish-speaking audiences worldwide through soap operas, reality TV and other work, has also gained visibility with the English-speaking audience through “Dancing With the Stars” and a Jennifer Lopez music video. …Read the whole story


Around the Net
Most online marketers in 2013 are evenly splitting their digital spending between brand and direct response advertising – even though there’s still a lack of consistency in effectively measuring ROI across platforms, per a new survey report by Vizu, a Nielsen company. The 2013 Online Advertising Performance Outlook report found that brand ad spending is expected to grow more quickly than direct response advertising. …Read the whole story
For many of the more than 1 million creators who have signed up for YouTube’s ad-revenue sharing program since its launch, the payout has been disappointing. The surge in new content makes it harder for any one content channel on the site to get noticed. Even worse for creators: Rates that advertisers pay to be on popular videos have fallen, according to TubeMogul. …Read the whole story
Econsultancy.comAshley Friedlein CEO & Co-Founder Econsultancy
Ashley Friedlein, CEO and co-founder of Econsultancy invites visitors to the Website to send feedback to the company’s 12-point vision of the component parts of the new marketing landscape. “So what if we were to reconstitute marketing as it is today with digital and classic fully fused? What would that look like?” Feidlein asks. …Read the whole story
A group of more than 20 online video creators, artists, actors, and consumer advocates have asked lawmakers to consider choosing a new FCC chairman who can deal with the usage caps that telcos and cable operators have placed on their broadband users. ¬† …Read the whole story
Oxfam has launched its crowdsourced Coldplay video featuring the band’s acoustic version of the track “In My Place” with footage and images submitted by consumers from 55 countries to raise awareness of land grabbing practices. The film shows people moving something favorite, personal or familiar from their home to somewhere it doesn’t belong. …Read the whole story


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