Mobile Marketing Daily: Playboy Dresses For iPhone; Phablets A Phad?; Retail Expects M-Surge

by Steve Smith
Playboy’s new iPhone app may not have the requisite nude body parts, but it has a lot of cheesecake, gadgets — and the smoothness of a slippery lothario. …Read the whole story


Focus on medium-sized smartphones and full-sized tablets and forget about “phablets.” While small phones account for 16% of devices overall, they make up only 7% of active users and 4% of app sessions. …Read the whole story
by Steve Smith
Retailers say they will be focusing on their mobile app strategy this year, hoping to increase the personalization experience as well as the analytics that these apps deliver back. …Read the whole story
by Erik Sass
Mobile advertising technology company 4Info is launching a new mobile ad-targeting product, AdHavenBullseye, that allows advertisers to target consumers and measure effectiveness more precisely, including calculating in-store sales lift from mobile ads. …Read the whole story
by Tyler Loechner
RTM Daily wrote back in February that the Google AdWords update could shake up mobile RTB. Internet marketing services provider Irep recently announced the “Smartphone Bidding Optimization Support Tool,” a tool designed to make that transition as smooth as possible. Google’s update, called Enhanced Campaigns, combines paid search ads on mobile and desktop. It will force more advertisers to mobile by the end of summer, and Irep fears that digital advertisers could end up lost in translation. …Read the whole story


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