Around the Net in Online Marketing: Windows Phone Out-Ships iPhone!

Windows Phone Out-Ships iPhone! (In Ukraine)
The New York Times
Albeit in some smaller markets, Windows Phone is out-shipping the iPhone, The New York Times’ Bits blog reports, citing IDC. “Windows Phone has struggled to gain traction in the market against Apple’s iPhone and phones running Google’s Android … so it’s noteworthy for Microsoft that its product is outshining Apple in a few parts of the globe,” Bits writes. Said markets include Argentina, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, and the countries that make up Croatia.- Read the whole story…
Amazon Unveils New Comedy Series
Nipping at Netflix’s heels, Amazon is finally copping to the existence of another original series. “Betas,” as the comedy is named, is set in Silicon Valley and follows four Mark Zuckerberg-wannabes as they pursue Internet fame and fortune. “Betas”, the eighth comedy pilot added to Amazon’s roster, will be made available — along with the other seven comedy pilots and six children’s pilots — for free on Amazon Instant Video and Lovefilm UK/Germany,” reports Read the whole story…
Google Draws Line On “Sponsored Content”
Search Engline Land
Amid a steep rise in “sponsored content,” Google is warning publishers not to let the stuff seep into their Google News feeds, Search Engine Land reports. “Otherwise, if we learn of promotional content mixed with news content, we may exclude your entire publication from Google News,” the search giant threatens.- Read the whole story…
Is The Web Ready To Implode?
Earlier this week, The New York Times reported that a battle between some European hosting company and an anti-spam group threatened the Web as we know it. Gizmodo, however, is calling bull. “It was a Dutch problem, or at most, a minor Western European problem with a couple actual hotspots,” it writes, citing assertions from several companies that maintain the physical underpinnings of the entire Internet. “There’s scant evidence, though, suggesting even that much (or little) happened at all.”- Read the whole story…

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