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by Steve Smith
Finding a discrete place for the tablet experience between desktop and mobile will be one of the interesting marketer challenges this year. The Shopkick app is a good reminder of one of the key issues that marketers have finally understood and fully embraced in 2013: the tablet is not a phone. …Read the whole story
by Steve Smith
Apple continues to enforce stricter oversight over app privacy as well as standardization by banning the use of UDIDs in apps and requiring support for Retina and iPhone 5 displays. …Read the whole story
by Laurie Sullivan
Search engine marketing needs a makeover, and some industry experts believe alternative engines will play a major role in connecting with consumers outside of Bing, Google, and Yahoo search engines on smaller Web properties. Companies may build the next big search engines by tying together networks like adMarketplace with platform providers, such as Kenshoo and Marin Software. …Read the whole story
by Mark Walsh
Online audience measurement firm Quantcast has launched a new service for tracking mobile app usage across iOS and Android devices. The company’s free Measure for Apps offering provides data on app traffic, installs and return usage. The service also includes information on visit frequency, traffic by app version, and top countries and top devices for a given app. …Read the whole story
by Wayne Friedman
TV time shifting — the activity of consumers and their DVRs — can be wasteful. About a third (36%) of all worldwide recorded TV content is never watched. In the U.S. that number is higher, 41%. …Read the whole story
by Gavin O’Malley
Continuing to push the promise of scalable “native” advertising, Sharethrough just released some data, which — surprise, surprise — reflects well on the model formerly known as the “advertorial.” Native ads generated 82% brand lift among users exposed to the Jarritos ads. …Read the whole story
by Erik Sass
‘The Atlantic’ has partnered with NowThis News, a Web start-up which produces short-form videos about current events and related topics, according to Poynter. The partnership will give The Atlantic Web site access to two to three videos specifically produced by NowThis to help illustrate its stories. …Read the whole story
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