Workers From Home Are Big Business For Brands

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer started quite the debate a few weeks ago and also shined a spotlight on working moms everywhere. Today, more moms are in the workforce and, more than ever, moms are launching their own businesses. Yes, their own businesses, many of which are being started on kitchen tables or in small home offices–making the work-from-home Mom a vital part of the overall Mom demographic and a vital part of your overall marketing to mom strategy.

How can your brand connect with these moms?

Offer Multi-Minded Shopping Experiences

Work-from-home moms and business owners often walk into a retail space with two immediate needs—purchase something for the business and purchase something for the family. Can your company satisfy both needs with one shopping trip? If you’re in office supplies, promote your business products along with school supply offers. In retail? Put computer bags near backpacks. In travel? Offer family-focused activities that can be organized while she attends a client meeting.

Think Mobile

According to a recent study by Scarborough Research, working moms are 42% more likely than the average cellular user to download content to their phone. An effective mobile strategy will get your message of product announcements, offers and promotions to the one place that is with Mom wherever she may be—and can be easily accessed when she needs it.

Go Online

Yes, these moms are spending a great deal of time online and are shopping for both home and business in between phone calls and meetings. Make sure your site is easy to navigate and products are readily available. Even if you do not have an online store, your website should include all pertinent information such as business hours, phone number, etc.

Keep Kids in Mind

Work-from-home moms often have to schedule appointments around kids’ schedules, so keep that in mind if you are planning to host an event. If you can, offer some type of childcare option (i.e., supervised craft room) in case the family needs to be included in the after-hours affair.

Patti Minglin is a marketing consultant specializing in marketing to moms and a freelance writer who regularly contributes to numerous regional parenting magazines including “Chicago Parent.” Follow her on Twitter (@PattiMinglin).

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