Online Media Daily

by Joe Mandese
In what is likely the most accurate accounting ever of the U.S. media-buying marketplace, a new, more realistic and somewhat surprising picture of ad spending is beginning to emerge. The data, the first ever to be released publicly from a system that taps directly into the data processing systems of Madison Avenue‘s major agency holding companies, is shedding light on real market behavior, including a dramatic slowdown in the expansion of online’s premium display advertising marketplace, and a corresponding upsurge in so-called “secondary” display media-buying channels such as ad networks and exchanges. …Read the whole story >>
by Laurie Sullivan
Facebook’s heavy-footed entrance into the advertising space after agreeing to acquire Atlas from Microsoft has caused confusion about its intentions and future in ad serving. But Microsoft’s focus remains on a mix of search and display ads to support brands. …Read the whole story >>
Two pay-per-click marketers have asked a federal appellate court to allow them to proceed with a class-action lawsuit against the social networking service. The companies claim Facebook violated its contract with pay-per-click marketers by charging them for invalid clicks. …Read the whole story >>
Independent app developers have a harder time breaking through because of the proliferation of device types that require deep pockets to support widely. This fragmentation has made it harder for smaller developers to compete. …Read the whole story >>
by Mark Walsh
Facebook is continuing to add small- and medium-sized businesses at a strong clip this year. The social network now has a total of 15 million Pages run by businesses and brands globally, up from 13 million at the end of 2012. Local businesses are playing a key part in Pages growth. …Read the whole story >>
by Gavin O’Malley
Forget influencers, social sharers, or brand obsessives. News organizations desperate to court online readers should focus their energies on “reward-seekers.” …Read the whole story >>
by Wayne Friedman
Looking to finally broaden the way advertisers get TV viewer guarantees, three Disney-ABC networks have adopted a new system. It uses Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings and traditional C3 rating measurement, delivering a single audience guarantee across TV, computers, tablets, or phones. …Read the whole story >>

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