Facebook Is Form of Self-Affirmation

by Erik Sass
Facebook‘s massive popularity is due at least in part to its psychological impact on users, including beneficial effects like bolstering feelings of confidence and self-worth, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Wisconsin and Cornell University. …Read the whole story


by Karlene Lukovitz
Bizzie Gold is the founder of BUTI Fitness – routines that combine yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics. The BUTI workout videos created for Good Earth incorporate new moves named for the new flavors, Cocoa Tango and Sweetly Twisted. …Read the whole story


Around the Net
by Laurie Sullivan
I’m beginning to wonder whether Google’s idea to integrate social signals into search query rankings will backfire. Search term analysis has always allowed brands to better understand the topics with greatest interest to site … …More
by Dale Cooke
In the pharmaceutical industry, we have become accustomed to a discussion about adopting “risky” communications channels such as social media. These discussions overlook one thing: There are no risky media. …More
by Laurie Sullivan
Sometimes trends don’t ultimately amount to much, but keeping one eye on the future helps marketers support paid-search campaigns and optimization strategies on engines and Web sites. A list published Monday provides insight into some … …More
by Ryan DeShazer
You can call it business diversification. You can call it being prudent. Whatever you call it, Facebook’s announced acquisition of the Atlas digital advertising platform last week marked a very peculiar day in the history … …More
Are teens spending less time on Facebook? Likely. Ultimately, the problem with being the latest shiny toy in techland is that eventually a shinier toy comes along. That, in a nutshell, is the dark cloud looming … …More
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