Online Media Daily

by Laurie Sullivan
Ad agencies initially focusing on smartphones are transitioning mobile content to desktop computers. Consumers moving to the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system and touchscreens will prompt the change. …Read the whole story >>
Facebook will begin allowing marketers to work with third-party data providers to better target ads through its Custom Audiences tool. The social network will allow marketers to partner with Datalogix, Epsilon, Acxiom and BlueKai to run Custom Audiences ads. …Read the whole story >>
by Mark Walsh
The cost to acquire app users fell 7% in January, as the number of downloads increased. The dip in marketing costs reflects a typical post-holiday softening of the ad market, coupled with increased inventory from the surge in new smartphones and tablets. …Read the whole story >>
by Wendy Davis
Clipping-service Meltwater’s “parasitical behavior” poses a threat to news organizations, the New York Times Co. says in new court papers. The NYT and other news organizations make that argument in a friend-of-the-court brief backing The Associated Press in its copyright lawsuit …Read the whole story >>
by Mark Walsh
When it comes to using Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices in stores, women outpace men in seven of nine activities tracked, including looking for in-store deals, communicating with friends, finding other product options and social-media posting. …Read the whole story >>
by Gavin O’Malley
Deals, discounts, and exclusive content are not nearly as important to social media consumers as the inherent loyalty they feel for certain brands. In fourth-quarter 2012, 60.7% of mobile users said they followed brands on Twitter in a show of natural support, compared to 51.9% who did so simply to receive sales or deals. …Read the whole story >>
by Laurie Sullivan
Big data is great — but what if it’s wrong? A shift toward too much automation in programmatic buying prompted Casale Media to re-ink its agreement with IgnitionOne to maintain a more personal touch with publisher relationships and monitor the data more closely. …Read the whole story >>

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