Oscars Not as Social as Super Bowl

by Erik Sass
The Oscars were big on social media, but not as big as the Super Bowl, according to Twitter, which released figures comparing the two televised mega-events: the movie awards broadcast garnered a total of 8.98 million tweets over the course of the evening, including both the endless, mindless “red carpet” portion of the evening and the awards themselves. That compares to a total of 24 million tweets for the Super Bowl. …Read the whole story


by Laurie Sullivan
The social landscape will become “radically” different within two years as a result of consolidation and new entrants in the market. Acquisitions will help companies like Adobe, Lithium Technologies and Salesforce acquire the missing pieces that link the social supply chain. …Read the whole story
by Karlene Lukovitz
The new, integrated brand advertising campaign, from new AOR Skiver Advertising, is themed “Step Into Awesome.” It seeks to showcase recent innovations such as expanded menu choices and the remodeled restaurants’ “more contemporary, comfortable” surroundings. …Read the whole story


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