Oscars and Much More!

Rookie Oscar Host Seth MacFarlane Lives Up to Provocative Image(Reuters)
Rookie Oscar host Seth MacFarlane casually slung a string of zingers at some of Hollywood’s biggest names, including a musical tribute to female frontal nudity in the movies, as he launched the Academy Awards show on Sunday on a decisively provocative note. Washington Post Worse news: “Tonight, for the first time, the Oscars have a theme,” MacFarlane announced in his opening monologue. “We will be celebrating music in film.” Oh, for the love of Pete. Must we? It couldn’t be stopped, as the Academy Awards tried to win a Tony. NYT The hedged-bets, have-it-all-ways ceremony made the program one of the longer and most self-conscious Oscars imaginable. Mr. MacFarlane didn’t ruin the show. But the show almost ruined the Oscars.Daily Beast There were many cringe-worthy MacFarlane jokes throughout the evening, including many slightly sexist barbs aimed at women. AP He ruffled feathers. He maybe even turned some viewers off. But it’s likely no one turned off Seth MacFarlane. TVNewser When CNN’s Piers Morgan asked his red carpet guests who they were most excited to see, Oscar-nominee Jennifer Lawrence only had one man on her mind: “I want to see Al Roker. I used to watch him every day before school.”

The Onion Under Fire for Calling Quvenzhane Wallis the C-Word (THR)
The Onion is under fire. While the top awards were being handed out Sunday at the 85th Oscars, the satirical news organization sent out a message on its official Twitter account calling 9-year-old best actress nominee Quvenzhane Wallis the C-word. BuzzFeed After being up for an hour, the backlash gathered, and the tweet was deleted. Was it meant to be some sort of joke reflecting on how people talk about someone like Anne Hathaway? I tweeted at The Onion for comment and emailed its editor, but have not gotten a response.Complex Let’s just say a good rule of thumb is, don’t call a 9-year-old with a collection of puppy purses the c-word, even in jest.

French Photographer Dies From Injuries Received In Northern Syria (Reporters Without Borders)
Olivier Voisin, a 35-year-old French freelance photographer, died early Sunday in Antakya International Hospital, in southeastern Turkey, from the injuries he had received three days earlier in northern Syria. Voisin sustained serious head and arm injuries from an exploding shell Thursday while covering the operations of a katiba (armed opposition group) near the northern city of Idlib. HuffPo As a freelance photographer, Voisin had to take photos constantly and send them to agencies to earn a living. The economic pressure tormented him. He took magnificent photos that sometimes didn’t interest the agencies because they obviously weren’t “news” material.

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Post-Oscars Google+ Hangout
What was the worst Oscar snub? Join us on today at 11:30 ET for a post-Oscars discussion live on Google+. Subscribe on YouTube

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