Five O’Clock News Brief

by Erik Sass
Maybe the ultimate testimony to social media’s power as a force for transparency and openness is the fear it inspires in malefactors who benefit from fear and secrecy. This is certainly the case in Mexico, where drug cartels continue trying to terrorize social media users into not talking about crimes committed by violent drug gangs across the northern part of the country. …Read the whole story
by Aaron Baar
“We wanted to create a completely new offering from the ground up for a new segment for customers, which the bigger brand may not be able to serve,” Shailendra Gujarati, marketing director for GoSmart Mobile, tells “Marketing Daily.” …Read the whole story
by Mark Walsh
The consumer shift from desktop PC to mobile devices is underway, but the marketing efforts of most high-tech companies aren’t following suit. Less firms are employing mobile marketing now than a year ago. …Read the whole story
by Karl Greenberg
The firms suggest social direct marketing is important during the “declaration of purchase” phase, because automakers can connect with other potential buyers and offer relevant added-value benefits and “amplify the joy generated by the purchase.” …Read the whole story
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