Mobile Marketing Daily

by Steve Smith
Square is expanding its mobile payments products to include iPad-based point-of-sale checkout that accepts cash and prints receipts. …Read the whole story
by Gavin O’Malley
Smartphones and tablets are on track to capture nearly one in five online travel dollars by 2014. U.S. mobile leisure/unmanaged business travel bookings are expected to hit nearly $26 billion in 2014 — more than tripling since 2012. …Read the whole story
by Joe Mandese
Marketplace data on real-time bidding will be available a little more real-time, thanks to a new mobile app being introduced this week by Rubicon Project. The app, which initially is available for iPhone users and soon will be available in Android and Kindle Fire versions, will give anyone, anywhere access to Rubicon’s monthly Marketplace Report detailing programmatic trading trending trends by major advertising categories and online publishing genres. …Read the whole story
by Laurie Sullivan
Apple has a new patent claim for a wearable video device designed like a wristwatch. With wearable devices waiting in the wings, marketers need to think about how to optimize content and related ads. …Read the whole story
by Laurie Sullivan
Google Product Listing Ads served on Google Shopping and in search query listings are no longer free in the UK, several European countries, Brazil and Japan. The search engine said Thursday it has begun to transition these countries from a free to fee-based model. …Read the whole story
by Erik Sass
Dennis Publishing, which owns ‘The Week’ and ‘Mental Floss’ in the U.S. and publishes U.K. titles including ‘Men’s Fitness’ and ‘Auto Express,’ has invested in Padify, an app software startup. …Read the whole story
by Tyler Loechner
HStreaming, a real-time data analytics provider, today announced a real-time bidding platform for mobile. The platform is powered by the company’s Hadoop technology. “The platform has two perks,” HStreaming CEO Jana Uhlig said. “It has real-time bidding capabilities and it’s a real-time analytics provider.” Uhlig also says that the technology is able to answer many questions surrounding the “missing cookie” in mobile. According to an earlier release, the analytics technology can track phones, behavior, target audiences, and can geo-target. Combining that analytics technology with a RTB platform figures to make life easier for mobile advertisers. …Read the whole story

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