Intel’s Education Programs


Intel is ensuring that innovators of tomorrow have the skills they need to create the technology of the future. We’ve invested over USD 1 billion in programs and resources that help teachers teach, students learn, and universities around the world break today’s technology boundaries.

Empowering Teachers Around the World

The Intel® Teach Program helps teachers become more effective educators by integrating technology into their lessons—promoting problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills among their students. With more than 10 million teachers trained in over 70 countries, Intel Teach is the largest, most successful program of its kind. It’s part of our commitment to elevate K-12 education worldwide by giving teachers the tools and resources they need.

Creating Opportunity for Bright Young Minds

When you put technology in the hands of children, amazing things can happen. We’re making technology accessible for youth in underserved communities around the world, so students everywhere can become confident, self-motivated learners. The Intel Computer Clubhouse Network brings technology literacy through imaginative and creative projects in a unique educational setting. For students ages 8-18, the Intel® Learn Program goes beyond the classroom with a focus on 21st century skills, including digital literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration.

Advancing Technology Education and Real-Life Innovation

The Intel® Higher Education Program encourages students to pursue technical degrees to help move technology from university labs into local communities. The program supports innovative technology curricula, advanced research with other universities, entrepreneurship programs, and student programs.

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