Havana Cultura – Havana Cultura Visual Arts Project exhibition parallel to the Havana Biennial


Coinciding with the 11th edition of the Havana Art Biennial, Havana Club International presents A Smell that Comes through my Window: Havana Cultura, the first exhibition showcasing the works resulting from the Havana Cultura Visual Arts Project’s residency program.

The exhibition’s title is rooted in Cuban popular culture and refers to what the neighbors are cooking. Since Cuban houses are not hermetically closed, kitchen smells frequently penetrate surrounding homes. Metaphorically, the expression “A Smell that Comes through my Window” speaks of what is coming up next. In the context of emerging art, it translates into forecasting new aesthetic and thematic trends among younger artists; what is being “cooked” in terms of art in Cuba.

The show opens to the public on May 14th and runs through September 15th at the Museo del Ron Havana Club’s gallery.

On the Havana Art Biennial

The 2012 edition of the Havana International Art Biennial kicks off next month. Artists from all over the world will flock to the Cuban capital to showcase their works and reflect on this year’s curatorial theme: “Artistic practices and social imagination”. The Biennial takes place in the city’s museums, cultural centers, galleries, and public spaces. Since its first edition in 1984, the Havana Biennial has become a major artistic event specialized in visual arts from Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Havana Cultura will be providing multimedia coverage through its website. We will keep you posted!

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