The First Art-Walk of 2012 begins at the New Coral Gables Museum

Giants in the City, sculpture Velocity by Miguel Rodez at Art Basel Miami Cuban Latin American artist

On the first Friday of 2012, a night of fine arts and music awaits Gables art-walk enthusiasts at the new Coral Gables Museum’s Plaza, located just around the corner from Books & Books.

That is where the Art in the Breezeway Project led by Mike Thompson will present its monthly al-fresco art offerings. For years, the successful Art in the Breezeway Project has hosted established and emerging artists in a group show that is free to the public, yet manages to raise funds from voluntary donations to purchase art supplies for students.

Miguel Rodez will be the principal featured artist of the group show while the popular Hal Roland will be the night’s pianist.

Some may recall artist Miguel Rodez from the days when he served as Chair of Miami Dade’s Arts in Public Places during the mid-1990s; from his stint as Editor of Herencia Magazine; from a show at Coral Gables Domingo Padron Gallery this past year; or, from exhibits of his giant inflatables sculptures with the International Giants in the City exhibit. One of his “giants” was most recently exhibited at Bayfront Park during Art Basel Week 2011. Miguel Rodez is a comprehensive artist who expresses himself through an amazing variety of media. At the Museum Plaza, Rodez will exhibit paintings, drawings, fine art photography and two of his giant inflatable sculptures (“Lucky Link” and “Velocity”).

There is more in store for those who venture into the City Beautiful for that evening’s Art-Walk. Coral Gables Mayor Jim Cason will be receiving his official portrait, created by artist Pery Franco pursuant to a commission by Mike Thompson. Several other fine artists will also have works gracing the night, including the following:

Henry Barnes
William Brito
Pery Franco
Rita V. Gaudry
Edgar Hernandez
Carole Hughes
Terry Jenssen
Sonia Kohler
Dawn Lovell
Miguel Rodez
Emilio Hector Rodriguez
Mike Thompson
Katrisk Toimil

To RSVP click here

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