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NBC Universal uses paid media to drive traffic back to their content and Facebook page. These trending content units are seeing between 0.5 CTR to 1+% CTR.

Content that’s very relevant and trends for a brand’s target audience is a green light to cross feed and the brands that GET IT will dominate. The brands that can’t get their trending content act together will suffer as their post impressions decrease and engagement falters because the overall Edge Rank is low compared to the brands that master engagement.

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Lexus post on Steve Jobs off Mashable and Horizon Organic post on Power Breakfast off

Major brands such as Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Red Bull and Burberry are now leading based on how they organize where and how they distribute content over social-media channels.  As brands harness intelligent content marketing, the ability to keep their audience engaged and the melding of branded media within display, brands are steadily becoming publishers, like it or not. Content intelligence / curation is a key factor in understanding what content is resonating in, and around, your community and no longer can brands just post and pray for engagement.    

   Comscore’s recent study shows how serious brands are using paid media to drive engagement on Facebook.  Marketers Spending Big on ‘Social Ads’ That Drive Traffic to Facebook


A shift in content marketing is now making its way to display advertising from a direct-response form of advertising to branding media. The major challenge is how brands can expand beyond their social channels currently showing more linear growth.  A recent quote by Bob Lord CEO of Razorfish is telling; “Go get me a million fans on my Facebook page’ to “Oh my God, I have a fanbase, and how do I keep them interested and engaged with content?’ An editorial calendar is a blueprint that’s an expression of the brand’s social voice,”

Focusing On Engagement
Facebook has made it easy to pull as a single number “People talking about this page”  for any fan page on Facebook.  Both the amount of engagement and number of fans is now available even from your competitors. 


The “talking about” number comes from of all types of engagement such as interacting with posts, consumption (plays, views, comments, hovering over objects and expanding details ) and custom app actions. Facebook is clearly focusing more on fan engagement and going past fan acquisition. Marketing teams optimizing their social campaigns must focus on content relevance; this has huge implications because it now puts the focus on engagement. This is great news for consumers because it pushes brands to focus on content quality that the audience, based on behavior, is saying is relevant.

    Scaling Engagement
The need to expand content interaction beyond just Facebook and Twitter is more important than ever. Content discovery in a cacophony of continuous bombardment will be more of a challenge, and brands must increase their content engagement if they are going to drive more Organic and Viral interaction.

To fulfill this challenge InfiniGraph became a premier partner on the FliteHub launch

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Flite provides the cloud advertising platform where InfiniGraph is the intelligence around relevant content curation and management. The combination brings brand advertisers closer to real-time marketing and scale to reach target audiences for more social action points.

Brands are still focused on Clicks and Conversion even though that conflicts with true engagement and makes it hard to justify spend. As ROI expands beyond the Cost Per Fan (CPF) to Cost Per Engagement (CPE) marketers will demand more accountability on what all these engagements are doing to drive sales.  Facebook has made it easier to create connections between people and content by lowering the barrier from affinity to action. Brands with budgets will need to be decisive on what spend will drive the most engagement and content discovery with proper curation. It is becoming a major factor in content marketing planning. How are you driving more engagement and what other channels are working?

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