BURST Project Initiates First Exclusive Art Fair in Art Deco District Miami Beach

BURST Project Initiates First Exclusive Art Fair in Art Deco District Miami Beach

Posted by Leticia del Monte on October 5, 2011 · Leave a Comment (Edit)

New Art Fair in the Heart of Miami Beach Created Especially for Emerging Contemporary Artists and Galleries

Miami Beach, Florida –(The Cuban Art Project)- An exciting new art show is getting ready to take the Art Deco District by surprise, bringing a showcase of private exhibits from flourishing contemporary artists. The venue will open on Wednesday, November 30 to the Press and VIP’s, and will be running until Monday, December 5th.Centrally located in the Art Deco District in a chic pavilion, BURST Project will be running during Art Basel week in its innovative presentation of paintings, surreal pop art, sculptures, street art, mixed media, photography, and short independent films.

In its first-ever production, BURST Project will introduce 12 rising artists with exceptional talent, as well as galleries from around the world that support emerging artists. A special VIP artist will be the guest of honor, yet to be announced. In addition, Burst will be featuring art installations, performances, film, music, refreshing new tendencies, and other cultural exhibits. “This will be an art fair like no other seen before, and one long remembered,” says BURST Project Founder Rudolf Kohn and Gabriela sanchez – vegas.

The location is ideal for any cultural event, especially the expansive outdoor gardens, which are available for sculptures, art installations, performance art, and any media suitable for open spaces. BURST coordinators welcome all proposals for the use of the outdoor gardens.

The BURST project is ready to establish itself as an icon in the world of inspired contemporary art as the leading platform for emerging artists. Its debut show will feature exquisite collections and is sure to reveal superb new talent!

For more information about the BURST Project, or to be submit an exhibit, please call 305-895-9652 or email at info@burstartfair.com

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