Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) is one of the biggest growth markets in Internet marketing today.  With 750 million members (as of August 2011) Facebook is a tremendously popular social networking site. Its massive reach provides compelling opportunities to connect with customers, both current and future, through fan pages, news feeds, groups, and throughout the site. That’s a huge potential market for any business. So, is social media marketing a must-have for you and your business, and which social media marketing services do you need?

As your social media consultant  I will take time to examine exactly what social media marketing services are right for you and your business. I will  guide you through what social media marketing services are right for your target markets, your customers, and your potential audience.

SMM: How Social Media Works

Social media is a phrase that cover many different types of web 2.0 websites which allow interaction and contributions, such as:

  • Blogs
  • Special interest forums
  • Social networking sites such as Facebook and myspace
  • Micro blogging sites such as Twitter
  • Virtual communities
  • Q&A and ‘ask an expert a question’ sites such as Yahoo Answers!
  • Video and images posting sites such as YouTube and Flickr
  • Review sites
  • Social bookmarking sites, such as Posterous, Digg, Stumble Upon, Google Reader.

Social Media Marketing: It’s All About You

In social media and network marketing, it really is all about you – your motivation and commitment, who you are, whether you’re trustworthy, and whether you have something of value to say or offer that will help others.

Social Media Profiles: Get Involved

Successful social media campaigns succeed because they are pro-active.

Outsource your social media activity  and I’ll help you choose the right social media marketing services (SMM services) to boost your business profile. 

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