Maximize Your Social Media Presence

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They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If this rings true for you then you should be leveraging your social media presence to get the maximum benefit for your message.

Having a Facebook Fan Page is one thing, but are you making use of the Tabs to build-out your page? You should be. These tools were created to help you make the most of your web presence. They can help your company get the most bang for your buck, so to speak.

Look, a web site is great, and using social media to get your message out there is even better, but there are ways to unite those two things and leverage them for the maximum benefit of your visitors. That is exactly what your competitors are doing, so why aren’t you? If you are unsure what will work best for your company, or if all of this sounds like an alien language to you, consider seeking out the services of a social media professional to help you make the most of it.

A recent online ad for Mrs. Meyers, the cleaning brand, for example, said, “Clean should smell better” and instructed users to “Hover to expand.” When a cursor is placed over the ad, it extends downward to expose an area that, depending on what button is clicked, displays real-time Facebook wall posts, Twitter users posting about Mrs. Meyers, or a video from the brand about Thelma Meyer, for whom the brand is named.

Although Internet users rarely click on an ad to be taken away from a page — only one in a thousand do so, according to Google — they could engage with all those tidbits in the Mrs. Meyers ad without leaving the Web page they were visiting.

And engage they did, according to Flite, the media and technology company that produced the ad.

Consumers on average spent 30 seconds interacting with the ad, compared with an average of what, according to Google, is just 11 seconds. In addition to spending more time on the ad, consumers were more likely to click on a “learn more” button to go to Mrs. Meyers’ own Web site, with 35 of every 1,000 users clicking through, compared with an average, again, of just one in 1,000.

“Brands are building a great presence on social networks and are looking at ways of making it more accessible,” said Giles Goodwin, president for product and technology at Flite.

The company refers to its technology as a “cloud-based ad platform” because it infuses ads with live content from other sites including Facebook and Twitter, and it has produced such ads recently for brands including Coca-Cola, Lancôme, Volkswagen and AT&T.

Another media and technology company, Kontera, is taking a similar approach with in-text advertising, where advertisers pay for keywords to be hyperlinked within an article or blog post. While clicking such words often takes users to an advertiser’s Web site, with Kontera, ads pop out in a window on the same page, and many ads that Kontera is doing these days highlight advertisers’ social networks over their products.

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