Why Should You Tweet?: Social Media Marketing Gives You Wings

By Jason Andujar, Business Development

Over the years, technology has changed the way we interact with one another, making interacting and sharing information more efficient. We’ve evolved from phone calls and faxes to Twitter and Facebook. Twitter is a “microblogging” service that allows its users to send and read text postings up to 140 characters long, which are referred to as “tweets.” Twitter has become an imperative way for companies to reach out and interact with their customers, building brand recognition and instigating consumer engagement.

By “tweeting,” you may spread useful information that you think your followers should know or promote information generated internally, which is called “earned media.” You can promote a new product or service through tweeting updates or posting discounts. It’s a great way to get feedback from your customers by posting questions or polls and allowing them to engage with your company. If a customer or client has a negative experience with your brand, Twitter provides a platform for that customer to voice their issue and for your company to remedy the situation. This can turn a negative engagement into a positive one.

Twitter is “word of mouth” made public. For example, if a fashion company tweets a picture of a new product that’s hitting the market, followers can instantly see it and share with friends. “Retweeting” allows users to repost tweets, spreading the message to all of their followers.

Twitter has become a power tool in the media marketing sector. A gaming company can survey their followers for suggestions on how to improve their gaming experience, and followers can reply with their opinions. By doing this, the customer feels valued, and the company gets educated feedback at little to no cost. Restaurants can tweet a daily special or spread discounts to help increase traffic. Businesses are increasingly taking advantage this resource, using Twitter to increase brand equity, post promotions, and get feedback from their customer base. From well-recognized brands (Apple, GM, Whole Foods, JetBlue) to your neighborhood coffee shop, organizations are developing their social media presence. So, why aren’t you tweeting yet?

Follow iSource Digital and SocialNitro on Twitter for more information about social media marketing. If you’re interested in making Twitter work for your business, contact info@socialnitro.com or call 954.589.2580.

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