Work Anywhere: Six Ways Mobile Applications Can Help You Run Your Business

Save time and help improve your bottom line with the right solutions for your smartphone.

With so many new mobile applications being introduced every day, finding the ones to help you better accomplish your business goals may seem overwhelming. Yet the effort can help you save time, improve customer service and even increase revenue.

Here are six key app categories that can benefit small businesses:

1. Manage customer relationships. Access all of your customer contact details, no matter where you are – at the office, on an airplane or at a hotel. Link calls, emails, meetings and other activities to each of your contacts to gain a complete view of your contact history and to better plan your next steps. Help track sales details and progress, and easily share this information with the rest of your team.

2. Access schedules and documents on the go. Synchronize your smartphone with your desktop computer to retrieve calendars, tasks and documents so you can stay on top of your workflow. Retrieve contracts, brochures and other important documents on your mobile phone so you can easily share them with clients.

3. Track billable time. Avoid underreporting billable communications with apps that track the duration of emails or calls, and even assign them client or project codes. Automatically add up short emails and phone conversations that may otherwise go unrecorded until they reach a billable threshold and send the data to your company’s billing system so it can be invoiced and sent to the client.

4. Process payments. Whether you run a delivery service, sell wares at outdoor markets or otherwise work without a conventional storefront, having the ability to process credit and debit card payments directly from your phone helps ensure that you won’t miss out on any important sales. Simply key the card information to initiate security enhanced transactions through your merchant account, and even print out customer receipts using a portable printer.

5. Complete forms. Help make sure that your mobile employees capture complete, accurate and timely data by allowing them to fill out and submit forms on their smartphones. Choose from a variety of industry-specific forms or create new ones, and even add photos and geographic location information. Allow for more discreet data collection, and help employees save the time of faxing forms or submitting them at the office.

6. Record and access digital files. Capture thoughts and ideas related to a customer, and avoid juggling multiple devices by using your smartphone for dictation Transfer recordings to a security enhanced, centralized location where they can be accessed by authorized staff or forwarded to a transcriptionist. Having a convenient and accessible recording tool can help improve accountability so you can better serve your clients and devote more time to other tasks.

AT&T’s Small Business Mobile Application Recommender Tool can help you find the right applications to run your business more productively.

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